“One doesn’t discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.”

           - Andre Gide

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Below are documents and resources that set the foundation for the Lincoln AP US History Course.

APUSH Class Policies
2011 - 2012APUSH_Info_files/McCarronK%202012%20APUSH%20Policies.pdf
APUSH Syllabus
Sem 1 2011 -2012APUSH_Info_files/McCarronK%202012%20APUSH%20Syllabus.pdf
APUSH Themes
These are the 12 Themes identified by CBAPUSH_Info_files/APUSH%20Themes.doc
APUSH Exam Breakdown
Percentages for course coverage identified by CBAPUSH_Info_files/APUSH%20Course%20Breakdown.doc
APUSH Acorn Outline
This is the course outline from College BoardAPUSH_Info_files/APUSH%20Acorn%20Outline%202006.doc

1st Nine Weeks Blogging Assignments

Enduring Vision websitehttp://college.cengage.com/history/us/boyer/enduring_vision/5e/students
History FairHistory_Fair.html
APUSH Information
APUSH HandoutsAPUSH_Handouts.html
APUSH CalendarAPUSH_Calendar.html
Resource LinksResources_%26_Links.html
Summer ReadingSummer_Reading.html
Honors US HistoryHonor_US_History.html
H U S H HandoutsHUSH_%7E_Handouts.html
H U S H CalendarHUSH_%7E_Calendar.html
Mc Blogging 101
Directions for the Blogging AssignmentsAPUSH_Info_files/MCBlogging.pdf
2nd Periodhttp://mcapush2.blogspot.com