“A nation which does not know what it was yesterday, does not know what it is today, nor what it is trying to do.”


        - Woodrow Wilson


Research is an integral element of any history.  Given this, and that the State of Florida demands students complete properly documented research, APUSH students will complete a research project in two phases. 

Second Nine Weeks all students will create their own, individual  Document Based Question with all the preliminary pieces of research and all of the requisite elements for scoring a DBQ. 

The topic of the DBQ Project will support students’ Third Nine Weeks project which is to turn their research into a product.  Most students will create a project following the guidelines of History Fair with a small number of students opting for one of the two or three alternative research products.

History Fair is an academic competition in Florida and most of the rest of the country that addresses the annual National History Day theme.  Students conduct historical research, but unlike the days of old when students were required to write a term paper, History Fair allows options in the product as well as the number of students working on a project.  Competitions are conducted at the School, District, State, and National level with middle schoolers competing against each other in the Junior Division, while high schoolers compete in the Senior Division.

By choosing a different type of product, other than a term paper, students can produce research results in their strongest learning modality.  So too, History Fair allows students to work alone or collaborate in a small group of five or fewer, again working toward their own strengths.

The product options of History Fair research include:


            Historical Paper    Individual only

            Museum Exhibit   Individual     Group

            Documentary        Individual     Group

            Performance         Individual     Group

            Website                Individual     Group

Historical PaperHistory_Fair_files/FL%20Historical%20Paper%20Handbook.pdf
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Internet ResearchHistory_Fair_files/FL%20Internet%20Research%20Tool.pdf
Oral Interview TipsHistory_Fair_files/FL%20Planning%20Oral%20Hty%20Interview.pdf
Historical WritingHistory_Fair_files/FL%20Writing%20About%20History.pdf

How to Handbooks from the Florida History Fair

More How-To’s from the Florida History Fair

2013 Theme

“Turning Points in History:  People, Ideas, Events”

Title PageHistory_Fair_files/HtyFair%20Title%20Page.pdf
What is a Process PaperHistory_Fair_files/Hty%20Fair%20Process%20Paper%20Components.pdf
The Rule BookHistory_Fair_files/2009rulebook-1.pdf

What it looks like ~ Samples to View

Project Description ~ SampleHistory_Fair_files/Project%20Descrip%20Sample.pdf
Title Page ~ Mock-upHistory_Fair_files/Title%20Page%20Mock-up.pdf
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Citation Cheat Sheets

MLA Info SheetHistory_Fair_files/mla2009.pdf
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“Turning Points in History”
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